Terms & Conditions

Please read the terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to use our services.

Our Customer Terms, formerly known as the “Standard Form of Agreement”, sets out terms and conditions on which we provide products and services to Residential, Business and Government customers. All information contained on the E.T. Telecom website is the property of E.T. Telecommunications Pty Ltd. E.T. Telecom is the trading name for E.T. Telecommunications Pty Ltd.

We maintain this website as a service to our customers and while all articles and material on any subject matter is written in good faith with personal experience and/or industry recognised knowledge, it should in no way at all be constitrued as legally binding advice. This site also contains links to other websites of which we are not responsible for the content, accuracy or opinions of such websites. They are links for your convenience and do not signify that we endorse the website.

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Unauthorised use of this web site may give rise to a claim for damages and/or be a criminal offence.

Warranties and Guarantees

At E.T. Telecom and as responsible Cabling Technicians we feel our customers should experience the best service possible which is why we offer a lifetime warranty on all services carried out from the date they are completed. Our materials warranty is governed by manufacturer guidelines and therefore not within our control. However, we endeavour to choose the best products the industry has to offer which is why we stand by established products recognised in the communications industry.

We do not warranty any existing cabling and or materials on the premises regardless of whether work was performed on these items. We do not warranty any existing faults on existing materials on the premises or on the client’s cable network or existing equipment.

We cannot warranty any faults occurring as a result of unforeseen external interferences from animals, persons, insects, natural occurrences or events beyond our control. However, all care will be taken to ensure all standards are adhered to to prevent such happenings. Fair, wear and tear must also be taken into account when considering warranty obligations on life of materials.

A service call fee will be charged if it is found a fault was not caused by our workmanship or as a result of materials not supplied by us. A warranty will also be void if it is found another person, not representing E.T. Telecom, has interfered with equipment.

Any warranty on goods and services does not pass on to the client if accounts have not been paid in full and/or by the due date. A warranty is also not transferable to another person or location. If a warranty claim is not made within 7 days then it shall be assumed that all goods and services be deemed fit for purpose. Responsibility shall fall upon the client to identify a defect and notify E.T. Telecom before that 7 days has expired.

Ownership of Materials Used

Title of the goods and services sold on the invoice does not pass to the buyer until E.T. Telecom has received payment in full. Any warranty promised or implied does not pass on to the buyer where an account is not paid in full and/or by the due date.

Warranty of goods and services provided does not pass on to the new owner upon sale of the property where services were performed. Nor does it pass on to the landlord where the client is a tenant at the time of the services performed. Title of all goods provided shall remain the property of E.T. Telecom until accounts are paid in full.

Payment for Goods and Services

Payment for all Services is due no later than 14 days following the date of the invoice. Payment may be made by eftpos, cash or cheque at completion of work or upon prior agreement direct credit to our bank account or by mailing a cheque. Cheques should be crossed “Not Negotiable” and made payable to E.T. Telecom. Credit Card transactions will incur a 2.5% surcharge. Details of the payment options including our bank account details are shown on all invoices or by request.

Collection of Overdue Invoices

Where invoices become overdue, you will be contacted to arrange payment. Every effort will be made by E.T. Telecom to collect payment from you however E.T. Telecom may, at its sole discretion, engage a collection agency to collect any overdue payments on our behalf. The costs of engaging a collection agency to collect outstanding payments can be passed on to the customer. It is your responsibility to pay us for services we provide to you and by the due date.

E.T. Telecom will not charge interest on overdue accounts however, any debt collection fees will be borne by the customer and this fee shall be made known on the ‘overdue account’.  These debt collection fees incurred by E.T. Telecom to collect monies owed by the customer to the supplier (E.T. Telecom) under this agreement shall include debt collection agent costs, location search costs, process server costs, and solicitor costs on a solicitor client basis. To avoid doubt, this term shall survive termination of this agreement.

It is not in our interest to have accounts owing as it is not a pleasant option forwarding these unpaid accounts to solicitors and debt collection agencies.

Rescheduling Your Appointment

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances may require either E.T. Telecom or yourself to reschedule the appointment. Where we foresee there could be a problem in keeping a scheduled time we will make every effort to contact you, the client, to ensure any delayed timeslot is still agreeable. If this is not convenient then an alternative appointment will be arranged.

If you are unable to keep the arranged appointment then you need to contact us as soon as possible to avoid an unnecessary roll out of the technician to your premises. If you do not contact us and are unavailable for us to carry out scheduled works then a service call fee may be applicable. We will, however, upon arrival make every effort to contact you.

If, after our arrival and assessment of the works required, we are unable to provide a satisfactory solution to your requirements we shall provide you with all reasons why this is so – written if required. Should you wish to cancel our services upon an assessment of the works required then this is still considered a service call. If cancellation on our behalf is necessary then it will be up to the discretion of the technician attending to determine whether a service call fee is prudent.

Performance of Works Required

After an assessment of the works required the technician can provide a rough estimate, upon request, of the time necessary to perform the duties required. The time taken will also depend on the complexity of the work required. If your property is owned by someone else, it is your responsibility to notify the owner and obtain permission prior to installation. You must indemnify E.T. Telecom and it’s representatives against any claims made against E.T. Telecom by another person in connection with E.T. Telecom’s representative’s performance of services conducted on the premises.

Please also understand, where we are unfamiliar with your premises and all services and attachments to it, we are reliant on any information we may receive from you as the owner or tenant to assist us in ensuring a trouble-free and uneventful process that will likely lead to hassle-free works being carried out.