About E.T. Telecom

Who Are We?

E.T. Telecom was stated in 1999 with Technicians who have a passion for communications and helping people with their problems. We believe there is a place for us after the Telcos sell you their products. We not only provide that last connection to where you need it but also ensure that service is functioning the way it is meant to.

Our specialty is phone line faults and repairs utilising the most advanced equipment to help ensure a long term faultless service, be it for ADSL internet, phone, fax, or alarm. Our ADSL/phone line connection from the Service Provider’s MDF to your phone socket is tested to ensure your wiring is free of faults.

All phone/data cabling and equipment used and installed is of the highest standard required by the ACMA rules and regulations to provide the uninterrupted service that you expect from Melbourne’s most respected Phone and Data Technicians.

As your Technician we pride ourselves for being courteous, efficient and on time. We respond to your inquiry as quick as possible and attend to your needs in a timely manner. We do our best to keep you informed of our progress and offer you solutions to the best outcome where these are available.

Where we are unable to perform to your expectations then we shall honestly let you know rather than lead you on in false hope. If requirements are beyond our skills then we do our best to refer to you alternative avenues that may be in your best interest.

We have Emergency Response Vehicles servicing Melbourne’s suburbs with most requirements attended on the same day. We take pride in our work and look forward to helping you.